Poly Bridge 2, the sequel to 2016’s bridge-building physics simulator, has released on PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store (Win, Mac, Linux), for $14.99. Developed and published by New Zealand indie studio Dry Cactus, Poly Bridge 2 adds new levels and mechanics, as well as Twitch integration so streamers and viewers can solve puzzles together.

Like the Bridge Constructor series, Poly Bridge 2 is all about building bridges to ferry cars and other vehicles across chasms and bodies of water. Dry Cactus has created a new physics engine for the sequel. Every piece behaves in accurate and predictable ways. This also makes the simulator uniquely fair and competitive, along with verified leaderboards.

The sequel also adds springs to add some flexibility into your bridge designs. The new Workshop Campaign features 100 original levels, as well as the ability to make and submit your own levels using new objects, ramps, and over 20 vehicles.

The original game was also known for its soothing acoustic soundtrack. Composer Adrian Talens returns with a new 13-song soundtrack, as well as remastered versions of the original soundtrack.

The most interesting addition is the official Twitch integration. With the Poly Bridge 2 Twitch Extension, viewers can design and submit puzzle solutions using a simplified version of the game. Streamers can then easily access these submissions, and optionally reward their viewers.

Poly Bridge 2 has not been rated by the ESRB. We’re confident flagging this one for all ages. Poly Bridge 2 is available now on PC and Epic Games Store.

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