TinyBuild and developer Mandragora has announced a release date for their friendly post-apocalyptic base-builder. I am Future will release in Early Access on Steam on August 8th (delayed from May).

Most post-apocalyptic survival games involve scrounging for supplies while fending off zombies or mutants or raiders (or all of the above). I am Future, however, is a much more relaxing experience that often represents the goal of many games of this setting: reaching a safe haven.

The safe haven in this case is the top of a skyscraper in a flooded city. You’ll still need to gather supplies, build shelter, and farm and fish to produce food. Work is much easier without roaming bands of marauders, though you’ll have to deal with insects of unusual sizes. It also helps to have cute little robot helpers that can keep everything going.

There’s also a story campaign, as you explore the world and find out how everything ended. A freeform sandbox mode is also planned.

I am Future will release in Early Access on August 8th. A demo is available now.

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