Paradox revealed the final expansion for Cities: Skylines, Hotels & Retreats, and the last of the World Tour DLC teased earlier this year. It’s launching May 23.

Hotels & Retreats adds new hotel and tourism buildings, from hostels and cabins up to luxury resorts. New tourism-focused buildings entice customers, such as parks, cafes, and restaurants.  Different locations will attract different kinds of tourists, who will have different desires in hotel accommodations.

The DLC includes five new maps for hotels, as well as a new hotel management system. Players begin with one-star hotels. Better hotel buildings unlock as business and revenue increase.

“Revealing the last Cities: Skylines expansion and content packs is a bittersweet moment. Cities: Skylines has always been about empowering players to build the cities of their dreams, and the expansion and Content Creator Packs will provide the final tools and options to do just that,” said Mariina Hallikainen, CEO, Colossal Order. “Thank you to our dedicated community of players for their support and feedback throughout the years. As we watch the sun set on Cities: Skylines together and move to the next chapter of the franchise, we look forward to seeing and learning from the amazing creations players design, this last time and beyond.”

The last three Content Creator packs of the World Tour will release the same day. Industrial Revolution, by Samantha “Avanya” Woods, features 70 buildings inspired by historic and modern industry.

Railroads of Japan (Ryuichi Kaminogi), includes stations, trans, and buses from Japan. Brooklyn & Queens (Prosper) includes over 60 growable residential buildings and props inspired by the New York boroughs.

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order recently announced a sequel, Cities: Skylines 2, arriving later this year.

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