It doesn’t get much better than a 100% discount. Amplitude Studios is offering the new Wonders Pack for Humankind, Para Bellum, for free. But it’s limited time only: the DLC is free to download on Steam and Epic Games Store only through May 10th. Afterward you can buy it for the regular price of $2.99.

To grab the free DLC, simply navigate to the store page and click Add to Library. Base game required!

The Para Bellum Wonders Pack features six war-time wonders of human history:

  • Stables of Pi Ramesses
  • Roman Colosseum
  • Citadel of Alamut
  • Hotel des Invalides
  • Kaiserliche Werft
  • The Pentagon

The DLC pack is out alongside a major free update to the base game. The Vauban update includes improvements to AI, auto-resolving combat, and cultural wonders. It also finally adds support for the Steam Workshop, allowing players to download and upload mods. Players can also use the cross-platform modding site

See this blog post for more details about the update.

If you don’t own one of the best Civ-like strategy games in the last several years, now’s a great chance to jump on board. Humankind is on sale for 80% off through May 5 ($9.99). All the expansion packs are also discounted, from 33% to 66% off.

Humankind is rated E10+.

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