Gameloft has announced that hero racing game (read: Mario Kart) Disney Speedstorm will launch in early access on April 18 on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.

Disney Speedstorm will feature single-player and multiplayer local and online modes. Single players can journey through the Season Tour, which will offer new unlockable characters, karts, and tracks every season. Multiplayer modes include freeplay, private tracks, and ranked multiplayer with leaderboards.

“We’re eager for fans to start their engines by joining us on the Disney Speedstorm racetracks throughout Early Access and battle each other as iconic racers on stunning tracks inspired by Disney and Pixar films,” said Aska Suzuki, game manager, Gameloft. “We can’t wait to hear our community’s feedback and to work together to create a game that is reactive to the needs and wants of the players as we plan to offer a constantly evolving racing experience.”

Like Disney Dreamlight Valley, Speedstorm will eventually release as a free-to-play title, supported by seasonal passes. According to the FAQ, the Early Access period allows the developers to rollout monetization mechanics that will not be fully implemented.

The Early Access version of Speedstorm will be paid-only, accessible by purchasing the Founder’s Packs (starting at $29.99). The Founder’s Packs also include in-game goodies, including unlocked racers, in-game tokens, and exclusive skins for racers and karts.

Disney Speedstorm is rated E for Everyone, with mild fantasy violence and in-game purchases.

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