The second DLC for school sim Two Point Campus is out now. School Spirits ($5.99) adds two new courses, a new challenge mode level, and a spooky new campus location.

School Spirits adds ghostly students at haunts to the world of Two Point Campus. With the new Paranormal Detection course, students can learn to find and uncover these new spirits — as well as how to capture and remove the dangerous ones.

Not every spirit is bad, however. Some just need to learn. Those student ghosts can attend the Free Spirits course.

The new campus location, Lifeless Estate, is full of hauntings that can manifest in different ways. Janitors trained in Ghost Capture can help prevent these spooky calamities. Students enrolled in Paranormal Detection can participate in Expulsion Ceremonies to unlock new campus construction.

The new challenge mode ups the spooky factor of Lifeless Estate, requiring an army of ghostly-trained janitors to deal with the paranormal threat.

Although it includes the same amount of content, School Spirits is listed at only half the price of the first DLC, Space Academy. Both DLC packs are on sale for 10% off. The base game is 30% off as part of the Spring Sale on Steam, through March 23.

Two Point Campus is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. It’s rated T for Teen.

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