Two Point Studios announced the first DLC coming to Two Point Campus. Space Academy will add new courses, campuses, events, and items when it launches on December 6 (December 12 on Switch).

As in all previous DLC for Two Point Hospital, Space Academy adds three new levels. Universe City puts you in charge of an old space academy. Cape Shrapnull is a futuristic-looking off-shore campus. But the real treat is Cheasy Heap, which features alien students on an asteroid!

New courses and classrooms include Space Knight School, Cosmic Expansion, Command Station, Cheese Moongery, and Humanities (for aliens). New events include Sci-fi conventions and space battles, along with a new Time Tourism Club.

Expect lots of cheeky humor and sci-fi references, and tons of themed items.

Two Point Campus is a university management sim, and the follow-up to the excellent Two Point Hospital, which received several years worth of updates and DLC packs. We expect no less from Two Point Campus!

The Space Academy DLC ($9.99) will release on December 6 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The Switch version is slightly delayed to December 12, but will receive an exclusive in-game item. Pre-orders on any platform will receive 10% off.

Two Point Campus is rated T for Teen.

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