Square Enix has released a free demo for spin-off action-RPG, Dragon Quest Treasures, on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The demo features the early parts of the game, letting players get at a taste of the treasure-hunting, monster-collecting gameplay.

Previous demos for Dragon Quest 11 and Dragon Quest Builders have been impressively long.

Dragon Quest Treasures is a prequel to Dragon Quest 11, starring sibling Erik and Mia as they search for the seven Dragonstones. Only monsters can find the treasure, so the pair will need to recruit monsters and use their unique abilities to reach new areas (and defeat new monsters).

Collecting treasures will expand their home base and increase their roster of friendly monsters.

Any progress made during the demo will carry over to the full game. If you finish the demo and decide to purchase the full game, you’ll also receive a bonus reward of five Better Buddy Bullets. The bullets increase the odds of a monster joining your party.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available now on Nintendo Switch ($59.99). The Digital Deluxe Edition ($64.99) includes three monster allies: Sabrecat, Ruby Golem, and Icy Dragling, as well as some Bestest Buddy Bullets and Omniheal Bombs. It’s rated E10+ for Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Mild Langue, and Alcohol Use.

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