Move over, PokéRap, there’s a new awesome Pokémon montage video in town! The Pokémon Company released a commemorative video called One Thousand Pokémon on YouTube. The video celebrates the milestone of over 1000 Pokémon across every generation since the series began over 20 years ago.

Between the epic music, perfect editing, and diversity of generations, this is one of the coolest Pokémon trailers we’ve ever seen.

The video oscillates between rapid-fire glimpses of dozens of Pokémon, with slower and more detailed reveals for special favorites. Highlights include classic Gen 1 Snorlax, Eeveelutions, regional variants, starter evolutions, and mythical legendaries.

The Pokémon series recently hit the 4-digit milestone with the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, aka Gen 9. Gen 9 added just over 100 new Pokémon, bringing the total roster to 1008.

Scarlet and Violet’s new additions are given their own section at the end of the trailer. Note that some of those Pokémon could be considered spoilers for the endgame of Scarlet and Violet.

Interestingly, some alternate Pokémon, such as Nidoran and Nidorino, count as separate entries (with separate evolutions), while others, such as seasonal Deerlings or area-specific Basculin and Shellos, are simply variants of the same entry. Regional variants share the same entry, unless they’re unique evolutions, such as Kleavor (from Scyther) in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Good luck catching ’em all!

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