Online MOBA Pokémon Unite is still going strong in its second year, with its 13th season and Battle Pass arriving on December 26. Other holiday goodies include new Pokémon license Dragapult, a new Team Clash, and several special gifts and prizes.

Battle Pass Season 13 arrives December 26, and features numerous hero-themed items to unlock. There’s lots of Dark-themed fashion items, including Dark Hero Style: Buzzwole, and Holowear for your Pokémon.

Also arriving December 26 is a new Team Clash. Trainers can join either the Red Team (led by Buzzwole) or the Blue Team (helmed by Cinderace), and earn points for their teams.

New Pokémon Dragapult is coming on December 29. The Stealth Pokémon is an Attacker with high mobility, and excels at ambushing opponents. Dragapult’s Unite Move, Dreep and Destroy, launches little Dreepy (its pre-evolved form) out of its stealth bomber-shaped head.

No holiday season is complete without lots of free prizes and goodies to earn. Here’s the breakdown of all the good stuff you can grab in Pokémon Unite over the next month:

  • 7-Day Limited License Special Gifts – Beginning Dec. 24 and running through January 1, trainers can receive a random 7-Day Limited License every day at no cost. Limited licenses let you try that Pokémon before having to purchase them.
  • New Year Lucky Wheel – Through December 23 – 31, trainers can earn up to 135 spins for the New Year Lucky Wheel by logging in and winning battles. From 1 January 2023 through January 3 2023, trainers can use their spins to win various prizes. More details to come.
  • New Year’s Celebration – By logging in on a total of seven days between December 26 and January 31, trainers can get one Unite license and one rental Holowear.

Battle Pass Season 12 will end on December 25. Pokémon Unite is free-to-play on Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices.

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