Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy pixel remaster series are coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch in Spring 2023. The remasters were previously available on PC (Steam) and mobile platforms last year.

The pixel remaster series includes the first six games in the Final Fantasy series. Each game has been digitally remastered, with updated 2D pixel graphics, rearranged soundtracks, and improved gameplay with modern features, such as auto-battle options.

Each game can be purchased individually, or as a bundle. On Steam, FF1 and FF2 are $11.99 each, while FF3-6 can be purchased for $17.99 each. The six-game bundle is listed as $74.82.

Square Enix also announced a limited physical edition that includes all six remasters, the Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster FF35th Anniversary Edition ($259.99). This expensive edition features a vinyl record set with the new music, a 128-page hardcover art book, eight pixel art character figures, and a lentincular box sleeve. I love pixel art, but that price tag — yikes!

A regular physical edition bundle, Final Fantasy I-VI Collection, will release in limited quantities exclusively on the Square Enix store. It’s also a bit pricier, listed at $74.99.

The pixel remasters have been very well received and are considered to be among the best versions of these classic JRPGs you can play. Great news that they’re returning to consoles soon!

The Final Fantasy series is rated T for Teen.

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