Cygnus Entertainment has announced Colossal Cave – Reimagined by Roberta Williams, a modern 3D remake of the text-based adventure game originally released in 1975(!). The remake is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC, as well as VR with Meta Quest 2 this fall ($39.99).

Colossal Cave is a classic dungeon crawl within a sprawling cave complex full of monsters, puzzles, and treasures. The goal is to find all 15 pieces of hidden treasure before meeting an untimely end.

The remake recreates the adventure in a 3D, first-person environment.

Cygnus Entertainment is the new indie company founded by legendary game designers Ken and Roberta Williams. The duo are best known for the beloved King’s Quest series at Sierra On-Line throughout the 80s and 90s.

Most recently they received the Pioneer Award at the Game Developers Conference in 2020. The pair have been effectively retired since 1999.

“Colossal Cave – Reimagined by Roberta Williams will soon be accessible to gamers worldwide on an additional platform,” says Ken Williams, founder and CEO, Cygnus Entertainment. “We hope to bring back the spirit of traditional adventure games for devoted fans who grew up with the original game and the new generation of explorers alike. We believe bringing Colossal Cave Reimagined by Roberta Williams to the Nintendo Switch will help us do that. ”

As a neat bonus, anyone can play the original text adventure by heading to the game’s official website. The text adventure is embedded directly in the browser.

The Colossal Cave remake will release later this fall.

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