Online MOBA Pokémon Unite is getting a Halloween event! We’re already halfway through October, but better late than never. The Halloween Festival begins on October 20th, adding spooky Halloween costumes for avatars and Pokémon, as well as announcing the greedy chipmunk Pokémon, Greedent.

What, no ghost Pokémon? Gourgeist is a literal Jack O’Lantern Pokémon! Maybe next year.

During the event, arenas will be decorated in festive Halloween decorations. Aeos energy, normally depicted as yellow balls, have been replaced by cute little Jack O’Lanterns.

Many Pokémon are getting new purchasable skins. Here’s what we saw in the trailer:

  • Lucario: black cape and tri-corn hat
  • Charizard: plaid scarf and hat
  • Blastoise: firefighter costume
  • Slowbro: sweater and beanie
  • Eldegoss: star costume
  • Wigglytuff: pajamas

In addition, Halloween items are available for avatars, including a Jack O’Lantern head.

The new Pokémon is Greedent, a Normal-type Chipmunk Pokémon from Gen 8. Greedent evolves from Skwovet, one of those early game Pokémon that you tend to forget about almost immediately. In Unite, it looks like it’s capable of storing seeds and blasting them in a barrage of bullets, while eating berries to make itself stronger.

Greedent would be the 26th Pokémon added to the ever-growing roster.

The Halloween Festival ends November 10th.

Pokémon Unite is free-to-play on Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s rated E10+.

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