During Gamescom, 2K Games and Firaxis Games, best known for the Civilization and XCOM series, announced the heavily rumored Marvel XCOM tactics game as Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and it just rocketed to the top of my most anticipated games list. It’s launching on PC (Epic Games Store, Steam), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox in March 2022.

Enjoy the awesome reveal trailer of demons and superheroes, set to the tune of Alessia Cara & The Warning from Metallica’s Blacklist album.

The full gameplay reveal is scheduled for September 1. You play as the Hunter, an original, customizable hero, and the child of Lilith, the mother of demons and primary antagonist of the game. Lead designer is Jake Solomon, who also designed the successful XCOM reboots, so we’re expecting a well-tuned tactical-RPG.

The trailer confirmed several superheroes the Hunter can team up with in a much more expanded roster than the original Midnight Sons comic book group from the early 90s. The original group included Blade and the Nightstalkers, multiple Ghost Riders, and Dr. Strange. Marvel’s Midnight Suns include Avengers (Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man), X-Men (Wolverine, Magik), and even a Runaway (Nico).

When not battling demons, you can hang out with your fellow supergroup to build up their relationship, which sounds a lot like Fire Emblem. A total of 12 superhero allies, in addition to the Hunter, will be available at launch.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will release March 2022 on PC and consoles.

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