French indie publisher The Arcade Crew (Kunai) and developer 1P2P announced that Young Souls is launching on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, in addition to Steam PC, this Fall.

The announcement was made alongside a new trailer that showcases the beat ’em up’s big boss battles (above).

Young Souls stars twin siblings Jenn and Tristan, as they use unique weapons and gear while battling supernatural monsters as they search for their guardian.

By day the twins traverse their town, training in the gym and customizing their look (and stats) by purchasing outfits. By night they head into a mysterious portal that’s appeared in their estate, battling hordes of monsters. Gameplay is heavily inspired by old school 2D beat ’em ups, with modern improvements and fetching monster art.

You can get a deeper look into Young Souls’ design via a PlayStation Blog post by studio co-founder Jérôme Fait. “With Young Souls, our goal from day one was to make boss fights the core of the game experience” said Fait. “We worked hard on these fights to make them as thrilling and rewarding as possible.”

Young Souls will arrive this fall on PC and consoles.

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