VR Realms announced that Neo 2045 is now available in open beta on Steam, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Neo 2045 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online action game aimed at kids, featuring exploration, building, socializing, and mini-games within a sci-fi setting. Players can join different realms to focus on different aspects, such as the Forest Realm for socializing, or compete in esports competitions in the Avatar Sports Stadium.

Everyone also has their own personal player realm where they can terraform the land and build structures and vehicles. It sounds a lot like Roblox, but less blocky.

“As we are nearing launch, we are excited to open up Neo 2045 to players ahead of full launch so that we can make sure we are hitting our marks with our audience,” said Robb Beeston,  CEO and founder, VR Realms. “While we did make this game with kids first and foremost in mind, we also want to make sure it is fun for older players and parents so that everyone can play together in a safe, secure and fun environment that has something for everyone.”

As a live service MMO, Neo 2045 will receive regular updates, events, and new missions. It’s available now via open beta on PC and mobile devices, with an expected full release within a few months. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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