Electronic Arts and developer Velan Studios have released Knockout City on PC (Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One (as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S through backwards compatibility) for $19.99. Knockout City also includes in-app purchases.

To introduce more players to this competitive online dodgeball game, EA is offering Knockout City free from now until May 30, including an entire block party of events, streams and competitions — including some celebrity matches with actors and streamers. The full schedule is below:

  • May 21: Block Party goes live at 5 am Pacific/8 am Eastern.
  • May 22: Community Crew Up gets under way as streamers invite their communities to help them reach in-game goals to unlock prizes for their audience. Watch Brie Larson, BrookeAB and Sykkuno form a team to play 3v3 live on Brie’s YouTube channel.
  • May 23: Start rocking custom Crew Logos, Crew Banners, and Player Icons from a few different content creators.
  • May 24: Join the Knockout City Discord to play rounds of Knockout Citywith the dev team, chat about the game and hang out.
  • May 25Season 1 Kickoff: Welcome to Knockout City drops with a new map called Jukebox Junction, a weekly rollout of eight new Playlists, League Play, Season Contracts, Weekly Crew Contracts and more.
  • May 26: Round 1 of Dodge the Devs, where players can play with the developers to earn in-game prizes.
  • May 27: Round 2 of Dodge the Devs.
  • May 28: Community Tournament Day 1, where 64 teams in North America and 64 in Europe will compete for a chance to be crowned victor.
  • May 29: Community Tournament Day 2, where the top 8 teams in both regions from Day 1 continue to compete for a $10k North American and $5k European prize pool.
  • May 30: Block Party ends at 5 am Pacific/8 am Eastern.

Knockout City is a multiplayer dodgeball match-up with up to 32 players competing in five different maps with six different types of balls. Like many modern multiplayer games, players can earn customizable cosmetic items by progressing in levels, earning new outfits, hairstyles, taunts, and more.

“Knockout City is unlike anything players have experienced from a team-based multiplayer game; the action-packed gameplay provides dodgebrawlers the opportunity to show off their moves and work with their Crew to master shots in their own style,” said Karthik Bala, CEO, Velan Studios. “The team has been working incredibly hard to deliver an exciting, challenging spin on the game, and we can’t wait to see how players will master their dodgebrawl techniques. The 9-day free trial is an awesome way for players and their friends to get their hands dirty on their platform of choice and start honing those skills, while also watching some big names take down the competition.”

Following the free trial period, Knockout City will continue to release new content each season, with season one beginning on May 25. If you purchase Knockout City during the trial, you’ll gain access to unique cosmetic items, as well as 500 Holobux, which is apparently the in-game currency used to purchase extra stuff. A Deluxe Edition is also available which includes more cosmetic goodies and an additional 1000 Holobux for $29.99.

Knockout City is available now, and rated E10+.

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