Mastiff and indie developer MeNic Games have announced physics-based, city-building sim Tinytopia will launch this summer on PC (Steam).

Tinytopia isn’t just a cute name, the towns really are quite tiny. Small enough to fit on a table, the towns resemble model train sets rather than sprawling cities. Buildings snap together like LEGOs, becoming bigger and more advanced structures as you develop your mini-metropolis from over 80 structure combinations.

The sim builder includes a 24-level campaign, where you can recreate miniaturized versions of real-world cities like San Francisco, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro. Or test the building-physics system in a series of challenge levels that pit your cities on see-saws and turn-tables. And it wouldn’t be a satisfying city builder without unleashing UFOs, giant monsters, earthquakes, and other disasters.

We last visited Tinytopia during the Steam Game Festival earlier this year, and the charming little city-builder made our list of our favorite demos.

Tinytopia will launch later this summer on Steam.

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