During the Monster Hunter Digital Event this week, Capcom unveiled all the new high-powered threats coming to Monster Hunter Rise with the 2.0 update, which hits tomorrow, April 28.

Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 is the first major title update since the game’s launch last month. It brings three new monsters, the previously announced Chameleos, as well as Elder Dragons Teostra and Kushala Daora. Further more, players will be able to hunt Apex versions of Diablos and Rathalos outside of Rampage quests. Magnamalo will also start appearing during Rampage Quests.

To face these powerful monsters, you’ll need an even higher hunter rank. The update will unlock the previously capped Hunter Rank (which was 7), allowing hunters to continue to progress in rank as they complete more quests. Progressing beyond HR 7 will allow you to finally craft layered armor on top of your stat-boosting armor. Event Quests will also begin releasing following the 2.0 update, and can be played offline once they’re initially downloaded.

The 2.0 update is free, but Capcom is also releasing paid cosmetic DLC which includes new voice options for your hunter, as well as layered armor, sticker sets, and gestures.

The next big update, v 3.0, will release in May, bringing even more monsters and teasing a new ending to the single player campaign.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on Switch. It’s rated T for Teen

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