Merge Games has announced a release date for upcoming farming sim-RPG Monster Harvest. It’s launching May 13 on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, followed by a June 3 release on PlayStation and Xbox.

Like Stardew Valley, Monster Harvest is a pixelated farming sim, with a 2.5D art style and camera angle. Maximize each day by planting and harvesting crops, expanding the farm, and exploring the nearby town of Planimal Point and surrounding areas. However, by finding strange and unique slimes, some of your crops will mutate into Planimals, Pokémon-like monsters that can engage in turn-based battles as you explore dungeons.

Up to 72 different Planimal mutations exist, depending on the slime, crop, and season they’re planted in. Players can also craft and place dozens of items to decorate and customize their farm.

Monster Harvest is out May 13 on Switch and Steam. It’s rated E for Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence.

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