Journey to the Savage Planet was one of our favorite games of 2020, but was previously exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC. That exclusivity just ran out today, as 505 Games and Typhoon Studios announce that it’s available on Steam, and currently enjoying a 40% discount ($17.99) through February 4.

Journey to the Savage Planet is a light-hearted first-person adventure set on an uncharted alien world. You’re the unlucky employee of Kindred Aerospace, the fourth best interstellar company, and your job is to research catalog all the flora, fauna, and mysterious alien ruins that you find.

Throughout the journey you’ll upgrade your spacesuit and gun with new abilities and features, like grappling to plants, jumping enhancements, and throwing bombs to clear new paths and defeat dangerous wildlife.

The Hot Garbage DLC is also available on Steam, and also enjoying a 40% off discount ($4.79). The expansion adds new gear and abilities such as a HazMat suit for traversing the new toxic zones and underwater locations.

The entire adventure also supports two player online co-op.

Journey to the Savage Planet is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s rated T for Teen.

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