Goblinz Studio with developer TeaForTwo Games have announced that Snowtopia is available via Steam Early Access on PC. The sim management game has players building and maintaining their own ski resort in the mountains. It’s available now with a 10% discount ($22.49) through Feb. 2.

Snowtopia isn’t a typical management sim. There’s no money to worry about. Instead the focus is on customer satisfaction – in this case, the skiers, with a feel-good atmosphere of wintery vistas.

Build lifts and pistes (ski path markers) using the creation tool that snaps to the terrain. You’ll have to accommodate a wide range of skiers at different skill levels, requiring different kinds of ski routes, as well as fix broken lifts and run ski patrols to keep everyone safe. Satisfied skiers will volunteer to help run the resort.

The full gameplay is available during Early Access, with more features planned in the future, such as dynamic weather (including avalanches!), ski schools, additional buildings, and more staff models. TeaForTwo Games is also planning on supporting mods, so players can customize their own ski resort.

TeaForTwo Games is a two-person studio based in France, in collaboration with a number of independent developers. Snowtopia is slated to be in Early Access for at least a year.

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