One of the best digital adaptations of one of my favorite board games in years, Wingspan, is now available on the Nintendo eShop on Switch for $19.99.

In Wingspan up to five players (or solo versus AI players or the board game’s own solo mode) compete to score the most victory points by attracting birds to their aviaries. Every turn you’ll choose between gathering food, drawing cards, or laying eggs, or using food and eggs to play bird cards in one of three different regions of your aviary.

The game includes 170 unique bard cards, each with their own food needs, region restrictions, egg capacity, nest shape, and special powers. The more birds you collect the more powers you’ll earn, such as drawing more cards, collecting food and cards for points, and gathering free food. The birds represent their abilities in real life, like hawks hunting smaller birds for food, and pelicans storing fish in their massive beaks.

The digital version animates each bird, and includes a voice over that imparts the educational flavor text printed on the cards in the physical game. Although there’s no violence or objectional content, the strategies are advanced enough that the recommend age for the board game is 10+.

Wingspan is developed by Monster Couch, and is available now on PC (Steam) and Switch. It’s currently included in the Steam Winter Sale at 20% off. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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