Sam & Max Save the World Remastered reunites the canine detective and the aggressive rabbit in their original adventure, with updated visuals. It’s available now on PC (Steam, GoG) and Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

Sam & Max is a 3D adventure game. Players control Sam, the private detective, as the duo searches their outlandish cartoon world, meeting wacky characters, finding puzzles, and solving a mystery.

Before there was The Walking Dead and a slew of licensed adventure games, Telltale Games released the Sam & Max series of adventure games, modeled after the classic LucasArts adventures of the 90s. Save the World was made up of six episodes that released between 2006 and 2007.

The game’s success led to two more sequels, which also released episodically. Judging by the website, the developer is planning on releasing remasters of the sequels as well.

Due to Telltale Game’s closure (and subsequent half-revival), this remaster was developed by a different studio, Skunkape Games, who acquired the rights after Telltale Games’ closure. The remaster features higher quality graphics and sound, including dynamic lighting, lip sync, widescreen support, and new music tracks.

The nearly three hour. 82-track soundtrack has also been released on Steam, GoG, and Bandcamp for $9.99. You can save 15% by purchasing it with the game.

If you own the original version on PC, you’ll be granted a 50% off coupon for the remaster through December 31. Same & Max Save the World is rated T for Teen.

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