One of our favorite sim games from the last few years is coming to consoles. Planet Coaster: Console Edition ($49.99) is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox One Series X/S on November 10, and on PlayStation 5 on November 12.

Like many games launching alongside next-gen consoles, Planet Coaster will support free next-gen upgrades for PS4 and XBO owners. The optimized next-gen upgrade can be accessed by logging into your account for digital versions, or inserting the physical game disc. Note that the next-gen upgrade is not available if you own a physical game and a digital-only next-gen console, such as Xbox Series S.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition brings the excellent 2016 theme park sim to consoles for the first time. It features a redesigned control system built for a controller, while maintaining the piece-by-piece construction of your park and coasters. Players will also need to manage their park, including hiring staff, setting prices, and expanding into new territory.

Park managers can embark on career mode, test their skills in challenge mode, or build up the park of their dreams in the money-less sandbox mode. Players can upload and share their personalized content with the Frontier Workshop, from rides and buildings to entire parks.

The Console Edition is also launching with a special digital-only Deluxe Edition ($59.99). The Deluxe Edition includes the Magnificent Rides Collection DLC and the Classic Rides Collection DLC, for a total of 18 new rides and coasters.

Pre-order Planet: Coaster Console Edition or Deluxe Edition to receive Oswald’s Magnificent Machine, a unique ride by Planet Coaster’s chief designer, Oswald B Thompson. Planet Coaster is also available on Steam PC. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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