Nexomon: Extinction is a Pokémon-like monster collecting and battling RPG, developed by VEWO Interactive and published by PQube, and coming to PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One on August 28.

All 381 Nexomon can now be found in the Nexopedia on the main website, though a little over a dozen still have hidden entries. Nexomon come in nine different types, including Fire , Plant, and Ghost.

Catching Nexomon is similar to Pokémon. Nexomon must first be weakened in battle, then fed the right kind of food to increase your capture chances. Finally you can select a Pokéball, err, NexoTrap, and complete the quick time event to successfully capture them.

In Nexomon: Extinction, you’ll travel the world as part of the Tamer’s Guild, finding and recruiting Nexomon. Eventually you’ll be strong enough to protect the world from the powerful Tyrant Nexomon. The open world features over 20 hours of gameplay, not including collecting ’em all.

The art design and gameplay strongly evokes classic 2D Pokémon games, though at a smaller scale.

Nexomon originally released on mobile devices in 2017 (and PCs in 2019), as an unabashed Pokémon clone. Nexomon: Extinction is an upgraded and expanded version coming to PC and consoles on August 28.

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