The latest Indie World Showcase broadcast from Nintendo revealed over 20 indie games coming to Switch, including Supergiant Games’ roguelike Hades, and crafting adventure Subnautica and sequel Subnautica: Below Zero. Several of the games are even launching today!

“The vast library of inspired indie games on Nintendo Switch is about to get even bigger,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President. “Thanks to the independent developers from around the world who have found their home on Nintendo Switch, the system continues to be a place where fans can enjoy an expanding and diverse library of indie games anytime and anywhere.”

In addition to all the indie game announcements and releases, Nintendo is hosting an Indie World sale. The Sale includes 40% off indie games such as Ori and the Blind Forest and Streets of Rage 4, as well as several of the games below.

The Indie World Sale ends Aug. 30.


Hades has enjoyed a lengthy stint in Early Access on Steam, and is coming to Switch this Fall. The Prince of the Underworld is immortal, but not infallible, as he wields powers and weapons of Olympus while trying to break free of the Underworld.

Release: Fall 2020

Torchlight 3

The Torchlight series returns with more colorful hack and slash, action-RPG goodness. New features include custom-built forts and unique Relic skills, and four all new classes.

Release: Fall 2020


Spiritfarer Stella helps anthropomorphic spirits cross into the afterlife via her ferry. Stella can manage her custom-built ferry, explore the world, and befriend passengers.

Release: Today!

Garden Story

Concord the grape has been appointed Guardian of the Grove in this adventure-crafting game that’s one part Legend of Zelda and one part Stardew Valley. In Garden Story, Concord will need to combat the evil Rot while making friends with their fellow fruits, gathering resources, and rebuilding the town.

Release: 2021

Subnatuica and Subnautica: Below Zero

Explore the underwater depths of an alien ocean in Subnautica, gathering resources, crafting items, and building underwater bases and submersibles. Below Zero adds an all new frozen adventure in an icy biome

Release: Early 2021

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji is an action-adventure game set in Ancient India. It’s heavily inspired by Hindu and Balinese mythology, as a young woman is chosen by the gods to rescue her brother and defeat the demonic invasion.

Release: Today!

Bear and Breakfast

Hank is a “well-meaning bear” who wants to start up his own bed and breakfast. In Bear and Breakfast you’ll be able to customize rooms and entice customers, while exploring the surrounding wilderness.

Release: 2021

A Short Hike

Play as outdoors-loving bird as you explore the land, find treasures, and meet other hikers in A Short Hike, launching today.

Release: Today!

Hypnospace Outlaw

Blast to the past in this simulator of the internet of the 90s. In Hypnospace Outlaw you’ll need to scour websites, dodge viruses, and hunt down villains as part of the Hypnospace Patrol Department.

Release: August 27 (free demo available now)

Takeshi and Hiroshi

Takeshi is a 14-year old game designer, with the endearing goal of creating a game for his little brother, Hiroshi. He wants to give Hiroshi a challenge, while making sure he wins. The game uses a classic stop motion animation style.

Release: Today!

Card Shark

Card Shark is an illustrated adventure game that takes place in 18th century France. Players will need to carefully use their abilities to cheat while avoiding getting caught.

Release: 2021

Manifold Garden

A puzzle game that re-imagines the law of physics, Manifold Garden features a wrap-around world where objects repeat in every direction. Players will need to manipulate gravity to change the world.

Release: Today!


Evergate is a 2D puzzle-platformer. Players control a spirit named Ki as they travel through the afterlife, using their Soulflame power to travel through the world.

Release: Today!

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