Psyonix has announced that popular multiplayer sports-racing game Rocket League will be going free-to-play later this summer, along with a major update and the debut release on the Epic Games Store on PC.

The bad (and buried) news is that Rocket League will no longer be available on Steam. According to the official FAQ, however, if you already own Rocket League on Steam, you can still play it and enjoy automatic updates. As long as you link your platform to your Epic Games Account, inventories should transfer.

Rocket League will feature cross-platform play between PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

If you purchase Rocket League before the free-to-play update, you’ll be given Legacy Status. Legacy Status confers several goodies including a Golden Cosmos Boost, Huntress Player Banner, and all past Rocket League-branded DLC packs.

Veterans player who had played Rocket League before July 21 will also receive the Faded Cosmos Boost when the game goes free-to-play.

The free-to-play update will revamp Rocket League’s challenge system to add weekly and seasonal challenges, to align with other popular free-to-play game such as Fortnite.

No official date was given for the update. Expect more information in the coming weeks. Rocket League is rated E for Everyone.

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