Electronic Arts and developer Final Strike Games have released competitive hero shooter Rocket Arena on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Origin, Steam). The standard version is available for $29.99.

Rocket Arena features 10 playable heroes in 3v3 matches. Every hero is equipped with their own unique rocket launcher as they try to blast their opponents out of 10 different arenas, not unlike Super Smash Bros. Every hero features their own personality, unlockable cosmetic items, and unique special abilities.

Four competitive modes are available, as well as a cooperative mode and training modes.

“Our game is a truly unique hero shooter that’s unlike anything players have experienced. At the surface, the fun and frantic combat is quick to grasp, but behind the curtain there is a robust, deep game that’s highly competitive, full of rockets, and challenging to master,” said Kevin Franklin, Co-Founder, Final Strike Games. “Our EA partnership has allowed our team to realize an uncompromised vision of Rocket Arena. With their support, we’ve crafted a deep multiplayer game, rich world and IP that we are incredibly proud of. We already have tons of free post-launch content in the works and can’t wait to share what else we have in store for all our players.”

Final Strike Games will follow the Battle Royale formula when it comes to post-launch updates, with seasonal events lasting three months. These events feature new characters, limited-time events, and new maps and modes, and a purchasable Blast Pass for more unlockable goodies. The first season will begin July 28.

Rocket Arena is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A Mythic Edition is available for $39.99, and includes several cosmetics as well as in-game currency. Rocket Arena is rated T for Teen.

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