Lightning Rod Games released emotional puzzle game A Fold Apart last month on Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), and Apple Arcade. It’s launching May 19 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with several updates and bug fixes.

A Fold Apart is a platforming-puzzle game starring two customizable characters who enter into a long distance relationship. They must navigate the challenges of complexities of communication, loneliness, happiness and sadness. The release timing is oddly perfect due to the global pandemic and need for social distancing.

“We never would have imagined that we’d be releasing the game in an environment where nearly all of us around the world are physically separated from loved ones and experiencing that loneliness firsthand,” said Mark Laframboise, co-founder, Lightning Rod Games. “Whether you are self-isolating, distance learning, telecommuting, or keeping in touch online, we are all in one form of long-distance relationship or another. Creating A Fold Apart was a way for me to navigate those difficult emotions and I hope that the game can help others find some hope and comfort (and, most importantly, fun!) in these challenging times as well.”

The game world is made out of paper, and entire levels can be folded to create new paths to bring the couple closer together. Over 50 hand-crafted paper-folding levels are available. The story is told through narrative text messages that are revealed after folding.

The romantic couple can be fully customized with different genders and styles to create different kinds of couples.

A Fold Apart is available on PC (Steam), Switch, and Apple Arcade, and releasing May 19 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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