LEGO Builder’s Journey is a Puzzle Adventure, Now on Apple Arcade

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Light Brick, an excellently-named new internal games studio from LEGO, has released their debut game exclusively on iOS through Apple Arcade. LEGO Builder’s Journey is an adventure-puzzle game where players solve a series of building challenges.

“We’re excited to bring digital LEGO brick building into new genres and reach new audiences with a different kind of game experience,” said Karsten Lund, creative director and head of studio, Light Brick. “LEGO play stands for the power of systemic creativity where sometimes you have to think differently and try new approaches in order to get new results. And we’re definitely tapping into that vibe.”

Unlike the more action-adventure LEGO games, LEGO Builder’s Journey is designed for all ages as a soothing puzzle experience with meditative music and zero dialogue. Build bridges and pathways and use bricks to manipulate the tiny cube worlds to help the pieces find their way home.

LEGO Builder’s Journey is available exclusively through Apple Arcade on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service that launched earlier this year, and includes over 100 mobile games, for $4.99 per month.

LEGO Builder’s Journey requires iOS 13.0 or later, and has a 4+ age rating.

Mobile Game Subscription Service Apple Arcade Includes Over 100 Games

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Apple has launched a new digital gaming subscription service, called Apple Arcade. For $4.99 per month, users get access to over 100 exclusive new games for iOS mobile, TV, and Mac platforms. The service is available now on iOS, and rolling out to Mac and Apple TVs on September 30.

“We are so excited to launch Apple Arcade on the App Store. A curated selection of over 100 new and exclusive games from many of the most innovative game developers in the world is the perfect complement to the App Store’s existing massive catalog of games,” said Phil Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Apple. “We think customers of all ages are going to be delighted that a single subscription gives the whole family unlimited access to the full catalog of amazing Apple Arcade games, all without any ads or additional purchases, while knowing every game must meet Apple’s high privacy standards.”

Apple Arcade launches as a new tab in the App Store, allowing subscribers to browse through the catalog of games and download whichever they like. All games are playable offline, and can be played across mobile, PC, and TV devices that run iOS.

There are too many games to list, but highlights include:

Sega Racing – a Kart-racer starring the blue hedgehog and friends.

Sayanora Wild Hearts – a neon-soaked action, racing, rhythm game starring an all-female motorcycle gang.

LEGO Brawls – LEGO minifigs duke it out in a 2D brawler.

Exit the Gungeon – a 2D spin-off of the pixelated roguelike dungeon crawler.

Overland – Survive a post-apocalyptic road trip with careful strategy.

Apple Arcade is available on any device that supports the App Store. The subscription costs $4.99 per month, though the first month is free.