Much of the internet collectively agreed to cancel April Fool’s Day this year, on account of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic (and because April Fool’s is mostly just cruel).

Publisher FDG Entertainment teased us with four jaw-dropping screenshots of a new licensed DuckTales game called Quackshots, developed by the makers of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. But then we checked the date.

The screenshots look incredible, utilizing developer Game Atelier’s beautiful hand-drawn art style that was so effective in the Monster Boy remake. Cruel indeed!

The story goes a bit deeper however. DuckTales Quackshots was actually a failed game pitch to Disney. “We worked hard on a legit pitch to Disney but unfortunately never got the license,” states the official Twitter page. “It would’ve been a shame to bury the material so it became this years April Fool’s. Maybe someday Disney will reconsider.”

We’d love for Disney to reconsider. The original and beloved 1989 NES DuckTales platformer was remastered in 2013, and remains an excellent game to this day.

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