Dire Wolf Digital, the developers behind tabletop games Clank and Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker, released dice game Sagrada on Steam Early Access. It’s available for $9.99, and will be releasing in a few weeks on mobile (iOS, Android) and Nintendo Switch.

Sagrada is a dice-drafting game in which two to four players are competing to craft their own stained glass windows by drafting dice from a common supply. Each round a pool of colorful dice are drawn from a bag, and players take turns selecting them to add to their own window design. Each window mat has its own placement restrictions, including certain colors or numbers in each dice square. To add to the trickiness, no matching colors or numbers may be orthogonally adjacent.

Dire Wolf is releasing Sagrada via Early Access first as a form of beta testing, to squash any bugs that pop up. “We’ve done lots of internal testing as part of the development process, but Early Access release gives us a chance to see how actual players in the wild experience Sagrada, and an opportunity to address last-minute issues and make improvements based on the player behavior we get a chance to observe.”

Sagrada was originally released in 2017 by Floodgate Games. The age-recommendation is 14+ due to the Sudoko-like puzzling. It’s available now on PC (Steam) and coming soon to mobile and Switch.

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