Crytivo, publisher of indie games such as The Universim, is hosting a 30% store-wide sale “for the forseeable future.” The sale is part of a campaign to raise awareness for the COVID-19 pandemic, and includes health and wellness tips, such as washing hands, avoiding close contact, and leaving facemasks for healthcare workers and those who are ill.

Every game on the Crytivo website is part of the sale, including The Unviersim, Prehistoric Kingdom, and Farm Folks. The publisher is eating all of the sales costs and won’t affect the developers’ share of the revenue.

“We decided to step in and try and make our fans’ days a little better with all of the bad news going around nowadays,” said Alex Koshelkov, founder and CEO, Crytivo. “Due to the increasing severity of the coronavirus outbreak, we also wanted to help spread some useful information on how to best protect yourself and others during this time. We are publishing this info across all of our social media channels. Stay safe out there!”

Earlier this year, Crytivo ran another global awareness campaign focused on helping the Australian wildfires. They pledged to donate 100% of their revenue from their store and 30% from Steam sales to Australian relief.

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