Excited about Animal Crossing but still don’t have a Switch? Well you should probably get a Switch (there’s even an Animal Crossing-themed Switch), but you could also check out Hokko Life.

Hokko Life is a single-player community sim game that shares much of its crafting, building, and designing DNA with the popular Nintendo series. It was recently announced with a new trailer (above). It’s coming to Steam Early Access soon, with a full release early next year.

In Hokko Life you can customize your avatar and build up the town of Hokko. Craft materials from harvested resources to build and decorate homes, design furniture, and convince new residents to move in. Everything from wallpaper to T-Shirts can be designed and painted. Spend time farming fruits and vegetables, fishing around Hokko, and hunting for rare bugs.

The Steam Early Access page includes the following description: “A big part of Hokko Life is the freedom to be yourself, and express your creativity through your own designs; by involving players in the development it is my intention to build an experience that is open and welcoming for everyone.”

Hokko Life is designed by one-person studio Wonderscope. Robert Tatnell previously worked for big-budget Sony and Lionhead game studios for over a decade.

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