While we eagerly wait for Kerbal Space Program 2 next Spring, Squad and Private Division have released the Breaking Ground expansion for the console version of Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One digital stores, for $14.99.

While the base game is about successfully building and launching space-faring rocket ships, the Breaking Ground expansion focuses on planetary exploration. New robotic parts such as hinges, rotors, and pistons advanced allow for more complex vesicle designs. Those vehicles will come in handy when exploring planetary surfaces to collect data with new Deployed Science tools and stations, such as seismometers and weather stations.

New planetary features have also been added to reward exploration and research, including meteorites, craters, and other mysterious objects.

“These new features were highly-praised on PC, and we are very excited to bring this expansion to all our console players,” said Nestor Gomez, Lead Producer, Squad. “Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Breaking Ground enriches their experience by providing tons of new ways to venture across the celestial bodies of the solar system.”

In addition to the expansion, Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition is getting a free update, which includes more console optimization, altitude toggle functions, and an improved burn time indicator.

Kerbal Space Program is available on PC (Steam), as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s rated E for Everyone. The sequel is due out in Spring 2020.

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