Frontier Developments announced that 2016’s excellent theme park sim Planet Coaster will be launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Planet Coaster: Console Edition will arrive in Summer 2020.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition will feature the same detailed depth and customization found in the PC version. The theme park sim includes a Career mode, as well as Challenge and Sandbox modes. Career mode features 21 scenarios organized into seven distinct park themes, including pirate, sci-fi, and fairy tale, as players need to complete objectives and finish building partially completed parks.

Challenge mode features a blank slate of land. Players will need to budget their money wild building a park from the ground up. Multiple difficulty levels are available which affect starting money, research level, and happiness level. Sandbox mode gives players free range to design the park of their dreams without any money or research concerns.

Over the years Planet Coaster has received numerous content updates and premium DLC packs. Free updates have added new features such as firework shows, new rides, and a crime and camera system. Paid DLC packs add new themed or licensed content, such as the Spooky Pack, Vintage Pack, and Ghostbusters DLC.

The initial console announcement does not include any specific details on included DLCs or content updates, but does state that the Console Edition will “include free content and features that have been added to the game since launch.”

Planet Coaster is available on PC (Steam), and coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Summer 2020. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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