In what was an egregious oversight that is sadly common in Nintendo’s online services, Super Mario Maker 2 lacked the simple functionality for online play between friends. At launch online multiplayer was only available with random strangers. Thanks to the Version 1.1 patch this week, the option to play online with friends has been added.

With version 1.1, there is now an option to play Versus and Co-op multiplayer with friends on your friends list, as well as with nearby players. You can also select the difficulty if playing via Course World, or choose from a locally saved course in Coursebot.

Note that a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use online features.

The 1.1 update adds a new section in the leaderboards for Official Makers, as well as special event courses, such as the courses showcased in last summer’s Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational.

Other new additions include maker profiles displaying more information, such as the total number of First Clears, and the ability to use touch-screen and button controls when creating courses in Handheld mode. More updates, including new course parts, are still planned for the future.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a Mario-themed editor that lets you play, create, and share custom Mario courses across different eras and themes. It features a single player campaign and unlimited courses from online creators.

Super Mario Maker 2 launched earlier this summer on Nintendo Switch. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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