Indie puzzle-platformer Family Tree is releasing October 10 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are available now with a 20% discount ($7.99). The launch sale lasts through October 23.

“Family Tree is a quirky and colorful action-puzzle platformer that’s guaranteed to make you smile,” said Mike Daw, Creative Director, Infinite State Games. “It’s a glorious cornucopia of hand-crafted content designed to give players a feeling of sugar-rush exhilaration while remaining a mellow paced experience for all ages and skill levels. There’s 128 goofy levels, 32 bonus stages, a 1-4 player endless party mode plus a bangin’ ISG soundtrack featuring dub, drum ‘n bass and acid house vibes.”

Family Tree uses a bit of Angry Birds-like trajectory controls and physics to aim Mr. or Mrs. Fruits up a tree, like a reverse game of pinball. The goal is to rescue as many of your fruit babies as possible while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

The gameplay features over 120 main levels, 32 bonus levels, and an endless mode that supports up to four players. Unlockables include additional game modes, characters, and power-ups.

Family Tree is developed by two-person studio Infinite State Games (Rogue Aces) and published by Eastasiasoft. It’s out on Switch on October 3. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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