The previously Japan-only mobile spin-off Dragon Quest Of The Stars is officially coming to the US in early 2020. Eager players can pre-register to participate in a closed beta test for the Android version on the Google Play store.

The live action trailer looks like it’s advertising an augmented reality game, but Dragon Quest Of The Stars is an RPG that takes place within the bright, colorful world of famous Japanese artist Akira Toriyama.

Players will be able to customize their own heroic party of adventurers using Toriyama’s beloved character art. As in the main Dragon Quest RPGs, players will be able to level up, change their vocations, and upgrade their equipment. The battle system is turn-based and optimized for mobile phones. Players take turns using touch controls to activate skills, and use their skill gauge to unleash powerful combos. Before battle, players can use items to gain different bonuses or restore hit points during combat.

Dragon Quest Of The Stars features four person multiplayer. Players can use special themed stickers designed by illustrator Kanahei to communicate with each other in game.

Registration for the closed beta is available now. The beta starts on October 30 and runs until November 28. Registration does not guarantee access, however, as the closed beta will feature a limited number of participants.

Dragon Quest Of The Stars is already a big in Japan, with over 20 million downloads. It’s coming early 2020 to iOS and Android mobile devices.  It’s rated E for Everyone.

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