Between the second major expansion pack for Civilization 6, Gathering Storm, and numerous big content updates, including a Battle Royale mode, it’s been a busy year for Civ developer Firaxis. They’re not done yet, as they announced this week that Civilization 6, along with both major expansion packs, are coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 22.

Don’t feel disheartened, Civ Switch owners! The Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm Expansion Bundle will be a separate purchase for console owners, including, for the first time, Switch owners. The expansion bundle will release on November 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Civilization 6 previously launched on Nintendo Switch last November, but only the base game was available.

Civ 6 originally launched on PC in 2016. The venerable turn-based strategy series continues to impress with each iteration, with Civilization 6 featuring a bigger emphasis on city management and planning, with each district taking up its own hex.

Rise and Fall launched in 2018, adding city loyalty, golden ages, and dark ages. Gathering Storm, the second major expansion, released earlier this year, adding real-world climate to the series for the first time, including natural disasters. Both expansions added new civilizations, wonders, and other features, along with several smaller DLC packs.

Civilization 6 is rated E10+.

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