During an Inside Xbox live stream (above), Grapeshot Games announced that massively multiplayer online pirate survival adventure (whew) Atlas will be launching on Xbox One in October. As Atlas is still in Early Access on Steam, it’s releasing via Xbox’s Game Preview program.

Atlas will launch on Xbox One on October 8. It will feature crossplay support, allowing Xbox players to play together with PC players. Atlas will also support and mouse and keyboard controls on Xbox, as well as single-player and private modes for gaming alone or only with friends.

“Atlas is a game about exploring, surviving and conquering, with lots of classic pirate gameplay moments,” said Erik Waananen, Lead Game Designer, ATLAS. “From intense cannon battles at sea and clashing swords with sworn enemies, to searching for buried treasure and raiding other players’ loot, this is a true adventure on the high seas!”

Atlas is developed by the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved, with a similar gameplay of building, fighting, and crafting in an online world. Players can build and customize their own ships, search for treasure, lay siege to fortresses, and form a pirate armada.

Atlas launched on Steam Early Access last December. It has received numerous patches and updates over the months. Recently Grapeshot Games published a roadmap detailing future content and updates.

Atlas is in Early Access and has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

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