No Man’s Sky: Beyond is a free content update for No Man’s Sky. Beyond contains three major updates rolled into one big patch, including enhanced multiplayer features and support for Virtual Reality on PSVR and Steam VR. Hello Games has announced that No Man’s Sky: Beyond will be released on August 14, including a physical retail release on PlayStation 4.

Of the three-in-one update that makes up Beyond, only two have been announced so far. The first is No Man’s Sky Online. No Man’s Sky Online will provide a “radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together.” Game designer Sean Murray compares new robust multiplayer features to that of an MMO, though without any monthly fees or subscriptions.

The second feature to Beyond is Virtual Reality support. “As creators of No Man’s Sky, we are in love with everything sci-fi. Virtual reality feels like a science fiction become real, and has always seemed like a perfect fit for this futuristic game of ours,” writes Murray. “It’s completely unique to land on a world that no-one has ever seen before and to really feel as if you’re there, and the team has worked so hard to make this a true VR experience rather than a port.”

Since No Man’s Sky was hugely popular at launch (albeit with well-documented controversy), Hello Games is claiming that it will become the most owned VR title when Beyond is released.

The third feature has not yet been revealed, but will be included in the No Man’s Sky Beyond update when it releases on August 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. No Man’s Sky: Beyond is rated T for Teen for Fantasy Violence.

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