The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon Masters last month as a mobile spin-off. This week we get further details on how the game plays. In Pokémon Masters you’re not really collecting Pokémon, but the trainers themselves.

Pokémon Masters takes place in a new location: the artificial island of Pasio. Famous trainers from different regions (and different Pokémon games) have come together to form special bonds with a single Pokémon as their signature ally. You’ll recognize the likes of Misty and Staryu, Red and Charizard, and Cynthia with Garchomp. These bonds are called sync pairs, and the player will be able to form their own bond with a Pokémon.

In Pasio you’ll form teams with these trainers and battle with other Pokémon Masters in 3v3 battles. Combat takes place in real time as both sides work to fill a move gauge. Trainers can also use their own moves and use healing items during battle.

Pokémon Masters is releasing later this summer on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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