Publisher 505 Games has ported one of the most beloved 2D adventure-builder games to the Nintendo Switch. Terraria is available today via the Nintendo eShop, and later this Summer as a physical box.

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with our partners at Re-Logic in creating and sharing a sleeper hit that has blossomed into a global community with more than 27 million copies sold to date,” said John Merchant, Senior Brand Director, 505 Games . “With the launch of Terraria for Nintendo Switch, the doors will open to an even larger audience of players, offering the most flexible way to play this wondrous sandbox-style adventure at home or on-the-go.”

Terraria originally released in 2011 by developer Re-Logic. Its unique blend of 2D action-adventure gameplay with Minecraft-like resource gathering and building became a smash hit, and one of the biggest indie games of the last several years.

Over the years Terraria has received a number of major content updates and patches. It was eventually ported to consoles and mobile devices, with Switch representing the final frontier.

The Switch version will launch with the 1.3 update, which includes 8-player online multiplayer (with Nintendo Switch Online subscription), over 20 biomes, 300 enemies and 3500 items. The Switch version also includes touch screen support for navigating your inventory and to assist with building and combat. Note that the gameplay requires both Joy-Con controllers.

A fourth and final major update is coming later this year, which promises to add even more content and another difficulty mode.

Terraria is rated T for Teen with Alcohol, Blood and Gore, Cartoon Violence, and Mild Suggestive Themes.

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