Two Point Hospital lets you manage and run your own hospital. This week you can now customize each individual room, courtesy of the free Interior Design Update. Watch the overview video above.

The free update adds a design tool that lets you pick from a variety of new floor patterns, wallpaper, and décor like posters and rugs. You can also create your own patterns by importing pictures from your PC.

“To create your own floors and walls all you need to do is head to the room you want to change, click ‘customize’ and then tap on the Steam icon and the ‘wall and floor’ option should appear. Then it’s simply a case of choosing which pattern or image you’d like to use and importing it.” Floors and walls automatically tile the image, so repeating patterns work best.

Interior Designs have been given full Steam Workshop support, allowing users to upload their designs and share them with others.

Sandbox hospital designs have also been added to Steam Workshop support. Share your best-designed hospitals!

Two Point Hospital is currently 20% off during the Steam Lunar New Year Sale. It released last fall from indie studio Two Point Studios, published by Sega. Two Point Hospital is a well-received spiritual successor to 1997’s Theme Hospital.

Two Point Studios continues to release free update and content post-launch. The first paid DLC launched in December, Bigfoot, adding three new hospitals and new illnesses to combat.

Two Point Hospital is rated E10+ for Animated Blood and Crude Humor. It’s available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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