Canadian indie studio Stitch Media are bringing “social building” game Terrorarium to Steam Early Access next month for PC and Mac.

Terrorarium stars a feisty alien gardener as you customize your own deathtrap garden for little creatures called Moogu. Moogu breed rapidly and have very little self-preservation. You probably get where this is going.

“We want players to feel terrible as they sentence cute little mushroom creatures to their deaths! Who hasn’t pushed an NPC off a cliff once?” said Evan Jones, founder, Stitch Media. “This is a game that rewards you every time you destroy something wonderful and wholesome. We know what you did and we built a game around that guilty pleasure.”

The Steam Early Access version includes Maker Mode and Quick Play. Maker Mode lets you build your own garden from over 100 customizable assets. Quick Play lets you play through your own levels, as well as those made by others via the Steam Workshop. Stitch Media estimates the game will be in early access between six months and a year. The biggest addition to come will be a full campaign story mode.

Terrorarium was the result of a 3-day game jam, and has been in development for about a year. It has an anticipated rating of E10+.

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