Previously exclusively available on Nintendo 3DS, Capcom has released Monster Hunter Stories on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The game has been released as two separate apps on each platform. MHST: The Adventure Begins is a free demo version of the game and covers the introductory hour or so of the adventure. The full game, Monster Hunter Stories, is a paid title priced at $19.99. Neither version has any in-app purchases.

If you play the demo version, you will be able to import your save into the full version should you decide to purchase it. Note that you’ll need to keep the demo version installed in order to import your save.

The new mobile version includes a user interface built specifically for smartphones, new high-resolution graphics, and a new auto-save feature.

Monster Hunter Stories is a spinoff of the primary Monster Hunter games, creating a Pokémon-like gameplay system and more kid-friendly setting and story. As in the main series you’re still battling monsters, but this time using turn-based combat and befriending other monsters (called ‘Monsties’) as part of a team. Despite its juvenile appearance, it’s a lengthy 50 hour RPG with some complex mechanics when it comes to Monstie management.

Monster Hunter Stories originally launched last fall on Nintendo 3DS (our Review). It’s available now on mobile devices. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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