Empowering Platformer Little Bug Out Today on PC

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Indie platformer Little Bug is out today on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) via GoG, Steam, and Itch.io. It’s a lovely-looking 2D platformer starring Nyah. Along with her spirit companion, she travels through the subconsciousness of the women in her family and discovers their inner strength.

The platformer features twin stick controls as Nyah uses her foating spirit to swing past hazards, destroy barriers, and collect treasures. Special items can unlock bonus challenge levels.

The world features hand-drawn 2D animations set amidst 3D landscapes, as well as an original soundtrack that reflects Nyah’s imagination.

Little Bug is the debut game from indie studio Buddy System, co-founded by Bela Messex and Hana Harada. “I personally wanted to make something that felt dreamlike, that reminded me of camping in the woods as a kid,” said Messex. “When you are young, and out in the moonlight, your imagination can just run wild. That was the very first intention of Little Bug and everything else followed.”

Little Bug’s inspiration is based on writer Iman Sylvain and her relationship with her mother and spirituality. “We based the character loosely on Iman, who is a micro-biologist and mystic,” said Harada. “We wanted to tell the story of a young black girl who is figuring out her power in a world where she can often feel small.”

“I thought it was important to show people of diverse identities, especially women of color, as characters that have depth, are are not exotified or over-sexualized, as default characters in games,” said Sylvain.

Little Bug was successfully funded via a modest crowdfunding campaign on Fig last year. It’s available now on PC, mac, and linux.

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