Indie puzzle-platformer Treasure Stack was revealed earlier this year during the Nintendo Direct Nindies Showcase. This week Microsoft and developer Pixelakes have announced that Treasure Stack will also arrive on Xbox One later this year. A specific date has not yet been announced.

Treasure Stack puts a platforming twist on the classic Tetris formula. You control a tiny pixelated character in a room with falling treasure chests. Armed with a grappling hook, you need to match color chests to pop them open, eliminating rows and gaining their rewards.

A solo Challenge mode is available as well as local and online multiplayer. Local Versus features everyone on the same screen in their own side-by-side treasure rooms. Online and Versus support up to four players. Treasure Stack features cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Players can also unlock and customize their character from over 50 different heroes, as well as different grappling hooks.

Pixelakes was founded in 2017 and Treasure Stack is their debut game.

Treasure Stack will arrive on Switch, Xbox One and PC (Steam) later this year. A demo for PC is currently available via the Treasure Stack Discord channel. The game has not yet been rated.

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